Woodland Creek Garage Door

Woodland Creek Doors

Woodland Creek offers the beauty of real wood overlaid on the strength of steel to enhance the beauty of your home.

Woodland creek specs


Standard Features

Available in six designs

With a complete line of window design options and may be custom ordered from any architectural drawing.

24 Gauge Metal
Hot dipped galvanized steel construction with hemmed inside return rail and ribbed panel to provide superior strength and durability.
Wood Overlay
Attached both chemically and mechanically to the surface creating a lasting superior bond.
17 Gauge hot dipped galvanized stiles
Heavy duty metal styles give strong rigid support for all hinges, rollers, and operator attachment.
Stiles attached with rivets
Provides superior strength when compared to common sheet metal joining methods.
Tongue and groove meeting rails
For superior strength and better sealing against wind, rain, and snow.
Rigid Aluminum Retainer
Provides added strength while securing replaceable u-shaped bottom weatherstrip to help keep the elements out.
R Value 6.85 Insulation
Enhances energy savings, makes your door operation quieter, and reduces exterior noise.
CFC Free expanded polystyrene
Environmentally friendly insulation that will not degrade with vibration or time.
High impact plastic back cover
Protects the insulation and allows for easy cleaning.

* All doors are shipped unfinished tight knot cedar. Optional unfinished clear cedar is available.

Door Styles

woodland model AModel A




woodland model BModel B




woodland model CModel C




woodland model DModel D




woodland model EModel E




woodland model FModel F